Dinosaur Ancestors and Saxon Strongholds

The red sandstone of the region, so striking and yet so familiar. We think little of it as
we pass through railway cuttings, or drive along roads whose paths were carved
through sandstone outcrops. It forms the dramatic ridges of Cheshire and the Romans
built their great fortress at Chester out of it.

But before any of this, before there were countries and politics and war, back to a time
before the earliest ancestors of humankind, even before the dinosaurs, there were
small reptiles roaming the baking sand of the red deserts that would one day
become our familiar sandstone landscapes.

In more recent times, the region lived in fear of Viking raiders. But King Alfred and his
successors established a line of burhs, fortifications to counter the threat. In Episode 6
we look at the possible location of one of these burhs, and how it might have looked.



Click the image to see how we take you back around
225 million years ago.



Click the image to see how we bring a Saxon burh back to life.