Pendle Witches and 'Dark Satanic Mills'

Two very different shots this episode, but both requiring that ominous feel, not just of
times past but of darker periods in the region's history. A tale of injustice in the days
of the witch hunts, and a glimpse at an industrial landscape that now only exists in
photographs and paintings.

Episode 5 required more of an impressionistic approach. Often, archaeological and
historical reconstruction is about the detail of a place, or a costume, a tool perhaps,
but history is as much about impressions and atmosphere, emotions even, as precise

In these cases, the atmosphere took precedentl; not to say we don't
pay attention to detail as ever!



Click the image to see how we approached the
cgi for this ominous scene.



Click the image to see how we brought the
'dark satanic mills' to your screens.