The Defences of Chester

Reconstructing the Defences of Chester

Welcome to the homepage of a reconstruction project to support the recently published report on the defences of Chester. Although the project currently depicts the early and middle Roman periods, it will ultimately encompass all major periods up to the present, bearing in mind also that the term 'defences' tends to lose its relevance as we approach the present.

The project is produced by Julian Baum and Tim Strickland, Director of Archaeology at Gifford and Partners.

Although 3D computer graphics are being used to illustrate the structures of the defences, there are also purely 'pictorial' images, done in an attempt to gain a sense of how the defences may have looked at any given time, and indeed under any given time of day and year. In a few months there will also be some short animations and hopefully some VR movies, using Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR).

Structure of the early Roman Timber and Turf Rampart
Structure of the Roman Stone Curtain Wall
Comparing the reconstructed Roman North Wall with the section still visible east of the modern Northgate
Pictorial views of the Roman Timber and Turf Rampart and early Stone Curtain Wall
Development work depicting the north east corner of the fortress at night

All illustrations by Julian Baum
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