The Next Thousand Years

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The Stagnant Earth

Overpopulation, dwindling resources, pollution, global warming.

The world's populations are concentrated in great cities. Space is at a premium, and towering residential blocks stand side by side with industrial complexes and city waste processing.

The Silent Earth

Technology provides automation, artificial intelligence controls it.

Micro and nano technologies give not only great advances in medical procedures, but environmental control and management.

But technology cannot control the migrations of continents and changes in the climate.

The Spacefaring Civilisation

The Solar System - one star, nine planets, dozens of moons, hundreds of asteroids, thousands of comets.

Headed by giant corporations, space travel in the Third Millenium spans our first footsteps on Mars to the voyage of the first starship.

The Chester Series 2007 - 2575 AD

Chester on the eve of the Fourth Millenium

The Chester Series - now, it is 31st December, 2999 AD...

8.37am - Eastgate Street
10.30am - Eastgate Row South
12.30pm - Chester Amphitheatre and Museum
2.30pm - Dee River Life Centre
3.00pm - the "Chester Rim Rider"
6.00pm - Werburgh Alley and Chester Cathedral
12.00am Midnight - Castle Hill

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