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Take 27 Ltd was established in 2002 and we have many years experience in creating illustrations and animations for museums, trusts, councils, publishers, tv productions, design agencies, English Heritage and NASA.



We specialise in heritage and scientific subjects but can create any building, site, product, concept or idea as a digital model for use as an illustration or animation for visual storytelling, education, demonstration, presentation, marketing, sales and web purposes.



The services we offer include CGI, Illustrations, 3D Animations, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, content for Apps, Graphics, Visual Effects, Photography, Video and Greenscreen filming. Most projects combine some elements of each of our services as the completed image or animation will have had some visual effects, graphics, audio, music etc. added during compositing.



We are accustomed to working with consultants and specialists, as well as conducting research and interpreting archaeological reports and CAD data.



A compact core production team ensures we can provide a cost effective service.

Julian Baum

Claire Duval Lewis

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